Tom Brady Still Standing At The Crossroads Of His Life And Career

Some people love him while others hate him. Either way there is no denying he has accomplished quite a bit in his lifetime. Formally married to a now 42 year old Brazilian supermodel wife and the father of three children, his perspective of life has likely changed – since his divorce from Giselle Bündchen, who he was married to for 13 years. 

Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen

When asked about his children Tom said, “We are blessed with beautiful and wonderful children who will continue to be the center of our world in every way. We will continue to work together as parents to always ensure they receive the love and attention they deserve. We arrived at this decision to end our marriage after much consideration,” Brady said on social media at the time.

Recently on a SiriusXM podcast known as “Let’s Go!” He spoke about a few things including winning on and off the field and why he puts forth so much effort into everything that he does. Tom said, “You know why should we feel like we’re just entitled to win all the time? We’re not. That’s not what life’s about.”

“I think anyone who’s gone through life and struggles at their job or struggles in other aspects of life, when you put effort and energy into it, you know, what are you learning from that as opposed to, you know, why is that happening to you and for you?” the 45-year-old quarterback said.

“You’re not a victim of that. We’re not victims of losing games. The sun came up today. We’ve got something to do about it. We woke up, we had a chance. This is not the time to feel sorry for yourself. So get up, go into work and make it better, and improve it and work harder and work more determined.”


As many know, Tom Brady is an anomaly; he has won 7 Super Bowls and that is something nobody else would ever accomplish in their NFL football career. Heck, some might even call him the lord of the rings. He is that rare athlete that you only see once in a great while like Joe Montana, his boyhood idol. 

Tom grew up in the bay area as a 49ers fan and many wondered and still do, if he will ever play for them before finally leaving the field. He witnessed the infamous moment back during the 1981 NFC Championship Game, where Montana hit Dwight Clark in the back of the endzone for the win with 58 seconds left in the game.

Tom was there at the stadium with his family. Nobody had any idea that one day he would shatter the record books and would still be playing at 45 years old. Perhaps he will play for another few seasons or so and will either become a coach or commentator after his final retirement. 

Tom stays in great shape for his age, with diet and exercise and has many endorsement deals still. However, in recent times he invested a portion of his wealth into FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

Tom was one of the prominent investors on the deal dating back to 2021 with the company’s CEO Sam Bankman-Fried gathering interested investors. The bubble burst and Brady and Bündchen were even featured in endorsement commercials. Rival company Binance later announced that they would not be purchasing FTX after “due diligence”. The current evaluation was from $89 million to $1 billion last year. 

Many wondered why both Brady and his then wife invested in crypto. There was much buzz around crypto exchange investments and how it was foolproof and a stable marketplace. From what is understood both Brady and Bündchen had a net worth of around $650 million together they likely will lose most of whatever they put into this investment in the upcoming months. 

While Brady may be struggling on and off the field, don’t count him out yet. The Buccaneers are still leading their division in the National Football League at 6 – 8 and have an upcoming match against the struggling Arizona Cardinals who are at 4 – 10. The Buccaneers will likely make the playoffs and have a chance to be a road team going in. 

Will they get far? Many are wondering and waiting to see how far they will go. With Tom at the helm, anything is possible he has a knack at winning games. One commentator said watch out here comes the boogeyman. Maybe he is right, because of Tom’s determination anything can be possible. The Buccaneers are beaten up some but anything can happen in football. Look what happened with Aaron Rodgers recently.

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