Sweet Kisses: Rock legend Paul Stanley Shares Proud Photo with daughter Emily

Rock legend Paul Stanley – who fans normally see in full makeup with his band, KISS – shared a rare selfie of himself enjoying some quality time with his 11-year-old daughter, Emily.

“Family vacation! My beautiful Emily brightens the day even more!” the “Detroit Rock City” singer, 71, shared via Twitter on Tuesday.

In the photograph, Stanley stood behind his daughter as they both gave slight smiles while soaking in the sun’s rays.

A makeup-free Paul Stanley shared a rare family vacation pic with daughter Emily via Twitter.PaulStanleyLive/Twitter

Fans replied with messages of support, with many weighing in on Stanley’s au naturel look – a drastic switch from his signature Starchild performance makeup consisting of black, white and red face paint.

The response on social media when Paul Stanley shared a picture of him with his beautiful daughter Emily was overwhelming. Fans expressed their love and admiration for the father-daughter duo, saying how happy they are for them and how wonderful they look together in the photograph.

Paul is no stranger to fatherhood: Emily being his youngest of four children (including daughter Sarah, 14 and son Colin, 16) whom he shares with wife Erin Sutton and son Evan, 28, who’s the fruit of his former marriage to Pamela Bowen (from 1992 until 2001).

In previous interviews, Paul has been explicit about how fatherhood impacted his life profoundly. He praised family values such as happiness, love, respect and smiles—all qualities that shone brightly from this sweet moment captured between him and Emily.

When speaking with Forbes in 2018, Paul Stanley discussed his ideas on the meaningfulness of life. He noted that he once questioned if there was truly any importance to human life, but his experience delivering or helping to bring each of his children into the world made him realize that we continue living beyond death through those who will come after us. According to the musician, “we’re given these blank slates and we get to write whatever we want on them,” so how much one puts in is how much one can expect out of life.

Paul has been rather reserved about having his family in the limelight, Many fans mentioned how much his daughter has some of his likeness to the rock icon. These were a few of the comments: “Wow does she ever look like you, Paul she is the smitten image of you completely!” one wrote.“Beautiful picture, she looks just like her dad!” another said. “Wow, looks just like dad. So glad you’re enjoying family time” posted a fan.“Emily certainly looks like you Paul! A female version of you!” another wrote.

Paul Stanley has been most influential in the music world and co-founded the group KISS back in 1973. Previously Paul (lead singer and rhythm guitarist) and his partner in crime Gene Simmons (vocals & bass) were in a group known as Wicked Lester. However, before this they were known as Gene Klein and Stanley Eisen forming a group known as Rainbow. A local band in the same area were using the Rainbow name so they decided to change it to “Wicked Lester” in 1971.

In November 1971, Wicked Lester began recording their album at Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village. The sessions took place over several months and were concluded by July 1972. In addition to new tracks, the record featured a selection of covers that revealed the band’s wide-ranging sound. Of note are three songs originally cut for the Wicked Lester LP which ultimately wound up on Kiss releases – with various modifications to their original versions.

Most everyone knows the great success that KISS has had. With their unique sounds and stage performances, they have been a part of the entertainment industry for many years. Alas, all good things eventually come to an end. Whether or not this is the very last tour they do is unknown.

Paul Stanley (middle) with Gene Simmons (left) and Tommy Thayer rocking out in Adelaide back in 2022. Picture: Instagram / @kissonline

The ‘End of The Road’ tour was a spectacular showcase for the band, taking place in 2022 across Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Gold Coast. “It feels really good to be home,” Stanley remarked of Australia during an interview with the Today show. Committed to making Australia a permanent part of their lives, the band described the continent as paradise on Earth. “You can’t come to better-looking people, better climate, friendly, great food and great history. “We intend on coming back quite often whether with a tour or not.”

Paul has been married to his wife Erin since 2005, he also posted a snap with his older daughter Sarah for her 14th birthday back during January of this year. Unfortunately for both Amber Heard and Johnny Depp they parted ways.


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