Ghosted (2023) on Apple TV+ set to entertain audiences on April 21st

What happens when you fall for an enigmatic woman that you simply can’t look away from? You become mesmerized and completely infatuated with her. There is something about her that drives you towards her but you can’t quite put your finger on it. 

The casting is going to have to be spot on and in this instance Ana de Armas was the perfect choice portraying Sadie. Actor Chris Evans known for his portrayal of Marvel’s ‘Captain America’ plays Cole, a simple fellow who is somewhat down to earth. 

Image: Apple TV+

This film unravels with a classic boy-meets-girl type story setup. All of a sudden, things become rather eerie when Saide then seems to disappear from Cole’s life after their very first first date together. Cole wants to make an impression on her by following Sadie over to London where he believes her to be. 

Things however take a plot turn as she is in actuality an international superspy with a mission to complete. This drives the action and the comedy moments they share together. Most feel these two had good chemistry together and you could see why they were paired. 

Image: Apple TV+

Other familiar faces appear on screen include Amy Sedaris, Adrien Brody, Tim Blake Nelson and Tate Donovan among others. This cast aims to please it seems. The trailers so far seem to be helping with the hype anyway.

While Ana de Armas has started to establish herself as an action starlet she seems to hold her own on screen opposite of Evans. This is from her other body of work in features like “No Time to Die,” “The Gray Man,” and the upcoming “Ballerina”.

One of the first trailers for the film was released back in March of 2023 and this film plans to deliver with both its comedy and action sequences. The film will premiere on April 21st this year and is directed by Dexter Fletcher. 

He is known for other directorial efforts including Rocketman (2019) and Eddie the Eagle (2015). From his new found success, he will also be directing the next Sherlock Holmes 3 film starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law who reprise their roles as Holmes and Watson. 

Ghosted follows a traditional formula and is categorized as an action, adventure, comedy, romance type of film. Certainly Apple is hoping that films like these will help lure in audiences on their streaming platform that was first launched back on November 1, 2019. Ghosted looks like it should be a fun 2 hour and 29 minute experience.

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